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Who is this concerned person?
Tue Feb 17, 2009 00:07 (XFF:

Who is this concerned person who conceals both name and identity? And your secrecy begs the question, "what is your real motivation?"

You could be quoting Beverley out of context or even misquoting for all I know. If Beverley wants to speak she's a very capable, very nice woman who can do it for herself.

There is much that is spectacular and useful about the internet, but this is surely right up there amongst the worst - Hiding behnd anonymity to cast slurs on someone...

I've only responded because I got an email notification of a reply to my post from so long ago. I won't be responding again.

And that's because I don't know the rights and wrongs of the matter and I don't know what happened. I just know about the Angela that I knew personally and did work for, just a few years ago - the same Angela who went to great lengths, some would say even extraordinary lengths, to make sure that her dogs were healthy and happy and comfortable.

And I saw that personally.

Jenny Pearce, of Tanjil South Australia

  • The actions of Angela Rutland Manner Cunningham speak forA Concerned person, Mon Feb 16 22:57
    themselves. Dogs turned into a kill shelter. Dogs actioned off to the highest bidder. Incomplete health testing on breeding dogs. Puppies kept in outside kennels that had little or no shelter. And as ... more
    • Who is this concerned person? — Jenny Pearce, Tue Feb 17 00:07
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