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A concerned person
Beverley's post is a few posts down on this page.
Thu Feb 19, 2009 16:08 (XFF:

You can read it yourself - nothing was changed. If fact there is much more in the post about how the dogs were not cared for in Australia, as well as in the USA.


Putting one's name on the Internet in today's world is not necessarily the smartest thing to do. My name is Mary Robinson, or Sally Meissner makes no difference - no one would know if it was a real name or not. But, if it makes you happier - pick a name! You say your name is Jenny Pearce - it could be, or it could not be. There is no way for anyone on the Internet to be certain.

The people that worked to save the dogs, house the dogs that were not taken to the kill shelter, and tried to help Angela know the whole story. Most of it can be read on this chat page. The dogs in Australia were not being cared for - and Angela was the one there. The dogs in the US were not being cared for, and she was here and refused to even *feed* the dogs the day she was awarded them by the court. She wanted to wait until the next day to feed the poor dogs and puppies! Unbelievable!

  • Who is this concerned person?Jenny Pearce, Tue Feb 17 00:07
    Who is this concerned person who conceals both name and identity? And your secrecy begs the question, "what is your real motivation?" You could be quoting Beverley out of context or even misquoting... more
    • Beverley's post is a few posts down on this page. — A concerned person, Thu Feb 19 16:08
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