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Family History
Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:09

Peggy you obviously have a lot of history and knowledge re the daughter Angela. What about her mother and her involvement at the time the dogs were taken to a kill shelter and what about the mother's breeding practices and care of her own dogs and breeders ? Appears to be doing an enormous amount of breeding and exporting ?

  • Setting the record straight on a few issues ~Peggy - Seaspray Australian Labradoodles, Mon Jul 30 12:46
    Angela Rutland-Manners of Tegan, formerly Angela Cunningham of Tegan Park, has made statements on other Chat Forums that I know to be false and misleading. I wish to set the record straight. 1.... more
    • Angela CunninghamLisa J Ryan, Sun Aug 30 04:26
      Peggy Can I please have a copy of the letter you refer to and any other documents relating to : 8. Derek Cunningham did not shoot any dogs on my property after the November 2006 eviction as Angela... more
      • If so, exactly what are you testing for?
        • Not that this is at all relevant to my question to Peggy but no I don't do any health tsting as the breed I have have NO known hereditary issues so no tests are either available or required.
          • HmmmAnonymous, Fri Sep 11 17:38
            Dachshund health problems include hereditary epilepsy, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, dental issues, Cushing's syndrome, thyroid problems, various allergies and atopies, and various eye... more
            • Re: HmmmLisa J Ryan, Mon Sep 14 14:26
              To Anonymous Hmmm Suggest you check and confirm FACTS before you make such uninformed comments. I have Standard Smooth Dachshunds who do not have conditions such as PRA. This applies to Miniature... more
    • Family History — Trish, Thu Jun 25 11:09
      • Why is it all these names have your ISP number? You seem to be all over the internet using fake names. Hard to take your witch hunt against RM seriously. Seems like there is an ulterior motive behind ... more
    • Our family is deeply ashamedBeverley, Wed May 13 11:54
      that Angela has taken my own name amongst her several aliases. After the death of my husband I reverted to my maiden name of Rutland-Manners. Angela at no time was known by Rutland-Manners until... more
    • re Setting the record straight on a few issuesBeverley - Rutland Manor, Sat Aug 4 20:03
      Peggy, I now know so much more than I did previously, and I owe you and several other people a most sincere apology for misjudging them and their motives in the tragic saga which has been unfolding... more
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