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How do you know that I support Rutland Manor Lisa? All I
Mon Sep 14, 2009 15:35

have been doing is pointing out things that aren't on the up and up with you, Debra Trantor, the ALV etc. Do you think that everyone is going to believe all you say just because you put it in cyber space? People are trying to form their own opinion on Rutland Manor and unless you have solid evidence to back up what you are saying then questions are going to be asked. Lots of intelligent people are asking for facts and none of you are providing them with satisfactory answers.

Until ALV and the rest of you allow people to speak freely then no one will take any of you seriously. Debra Trantor deletes all the posts on her site that are pro-Rutland Manor declaring that she can do this because she owns the web site. That is called censorship the last I saw and manipulation of the truth. Your group raids Rutland Manor in the dead of night, even though Ms Manners had said you were free to come anytime during daylight hours. What your group did is called breaking and entering and you can be arrested and sent to jail in most countries for that. Many of you have been caught posting all over the internet using various names, all coming from the same source/person. Many people have repeatedly asked publically for proof that Rutland Manor is being investigated by the Police and RSPCA, yet none of you can provide it. The only way the questioning will stop is when your group opens the posting board to all on your web sites and the pro Rutland Manor ones are no longer deleted. You must also finally provide concrete proof of all the accusations.

I think that Peggy has already given you her answer with her silence.

  • Re: Thank you Trish/Lisa you just confirmed itLisa Ryan, Mon Sep 14 14:34
    Beth - don't know who you are or what your agenda is aside from supporting Rutland Manor for whatever reason. Don't know who Trish is and Not intertested in whether you personally take the campaign... more
    • How do you know that I support Rutland Manor Lisa? All I — Beth, Mon Sep 14 15:35
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