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Re: How do you know that I support Rutland Manor Lisa? All I
Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:22

Beth Ok maybe your don't support RM but given your blurb, most could be a bit confused. Yes evidence and facts are crucial. Look at some of the taticts employed by Beverly Manners Faith. No-one can get into her site let alone post any comments so if you have been trying to post pro RM comments on Debra Tranetr's site, then yes I agree Debra Tranter like Beverly Manners can do as she pleases. As for facts, open your eyes Beth and look at some of the photos of the dogs, read some of the comments from people who have been to RM, know Beverly Manners etc. I am not part of any group Beth - I am a registered breeder who shows my dogs and like many, am opposed to puppy farming and animal cruelty and neglect. I offered several times publicly early on to visit RM on my own. The offers, in spite of what you state were never taken up by Beverly Manners so NO she doesn't want anyone there in spite of what she states. If you want to confirm the RSPCA raided RM and removed documents (under Police protection), then email them and confirm it yourself as you obviously don't accept the photo.
The only person not on the up and up her Beth is Beverly Manners. I don't know that Peggy has given her answer or do you speak for Peggy too, and that's Ok if Peggy doesn't wish to reply. Peggy made the offer to provide information and I took it up. If need be, I will obtain elsewhere - simple !

  • have been doing is pointing out things that aren't on the up and up with you, Debra Trantor, the ALV etc. Do you think that everyone is going to believe all you say just because you put it in cyber... more
    • Re: How do you know that I support Rutland Manor Lisa? All I — Anonymous, Wed Sep 16 12:22
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