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Ann R (AARF), why are you posting as Beth? (nm)
Wed Sep 16, 2009 23:21 (XFF:

    • health testingalison, Sun Apr 18 11:44
      hi beth, if lisa is a registered stud breeder, listed with either the KCC or the VCC, then you will find that as part of the membership charter to become a stud breeder you are required to pass... more
      • health testingAnonymous, Fri May 20 05:21
        Alison you crack me up. You know absolutely zilch about being a member of the KCC or Vic Dogs, there are no such requirements at all! Anyone with the money to pay a membership is welcomed with open... more
        • anonymousalison, Tue Jul 5 03:32
          hi anonymous... seeing as you cant identify yourself.. are you embarressed??? I wonder why i have to have my dogs eye tested among other tests before they are allowed to be registered??? oh yes thats ... more
    • Ann R (AARF), why are you posting as Beth? (nm) — Chaz, Wed Sep 16 23:21
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