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Rutland Manor Labradoodle Puppy Mill
Wed Sep 16, 2009 23:35 (XFF:

Why are you using false names to try and defend this criminal??? The problem is not selling dogs over the internet to lots of countries. That's just there to warn people buying labradoodles in other countries that the Rutland Manor puppy mill is not just an Australian problem.

The problems are

Overbreeding dogs (illegal)
Breeding them too young (illegal)
Smuggling them over state lines to have them debarked (illagal)
Signin a false statutory declaration (illegal)
Falsifying pedigrees to show dogs from a pound rescue as Australian Labrdoodles (illegal)

Rutland Manor should be shut down, and this criminal prosecuted, for the sake of all the dogs that continue to suffer.

  • Internet as you accuse Rutland Manor of doing in this link off your ALV web site. I don't see the difference. As for exporting to other countries, lots of breeders around the world do the same. Guess ... more
    • CrediibilityYvette laurel, Fri Jul 5 06:49
      I would not be surprised if Lisa Jane Ryan has sold dogs overseas. She has certainly proved herself to be unethical in relation to the foster carers who supported her activities across at least 18... more
    • lisa ryanmiss, Tue Sep 14 08:46
      how dare you slander a breeder you don't even know i have known her, i have lived under her roof, my personal feelings about her aside, i have never in my live, still to this day, met anyone so... more
      • Re: lisa ryanAnonymous, Fri Dec 23 22:13
        Dhurringle is a low security prison in Victoria
    • Rutland Manor Labradoodle Puppy Mill — Chaz, Wed Sep 16 23:35
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