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health testing
Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:44

hi beth,
if lisa is a registered stud breeder, listed with either the KCC or the VCC, then you will find that as part of the membership charter to become a stud breeder you are required to pass extensive education and information packages before you can even be registered as a stud breeder. Then as part of the charter there is a list of things you are required to adhere to. Not breeding your bitches more then twice in any two year period, in breeds with genetic faults there is further testing, such as eyes, hip dysplasia and other inheritable traits. As pedigrees are subject to outside recording, bloodlines are known, and can be garunteed, colours, markings and other such things cannot just turn up, and be easily explained away by a breeder, as there is an outside authority they are answerable to.

    • health testing — alison, Sun Apr 18 11:44
      • health testingAnonymous, Fri May 20 05:21
        Alison you crack me up. You know absolutely zilch about being a member of the KCC or Vic Dogs, there are no such requirements at all! Anyone with the money to pay a membership is welcomed with open... more
        • anonymousalison, Tue Jul 5 03:32
          hi anonymous... seeing as you cant identify yourself.. are you embarressed??? I wonder why i have to have my dogs eye tested among other tests before they are allowed to be registered??? oh yes thats ... more
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