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"Our family is deeply ashamed"
Fri Apr 30, 2010 08:26

Beverley Rutland-Manners
Our family is deeply ashamed
Wed May 13, 2009 11:59 (XFF:

Our family is deeply ashamed
Wed May 13, 2009 11:54

that Angela has taken my own name amongst her several aliases. After the death of my husband I reverted to my maiden name of Rutland-Manners. Angela at no time was known by Rutland-Manners until recently when she chose to add it to her list of aliases. My father would turn in his grave if he knew how our family name is being dirtied.

I took out a two hundred thousand dollar loan to help Angela to buy the Florida property and she was to repay me when she sold her properties in Australia. I also lost my own home and property from other loans I took out to catch up with her mortgage payments and continue paying them to rescue her properties from being seized by the ANZ bank in Warragul Victoria Australia.

Not only did she not pay me a cent when she sold all three of her Australian properties and the Florida property, but she disappeared without a word and ran out on all of her commitments to me, her mother. She and her new boyfriend have purchased two properties with acreage and I only recently found out where she is through a mutual aquaintance.

Angela's aliases are -

Melodie Maryiniak
Melodie Woolley
Angela Rutland-Manners
Angela Wetzel
There could be more.

Her address is -
1414 Howes Creek Road
Howes Creek
Victoria 3723

I can not take her to court because she is my daughter and despite everything I still love her. But I hope that someone will catch up with her one day, because she is leaving a trail of broken hearts, empty pockets and betrayed friendships everywhere she goes.

She said she retired from breeding, but I have reason to believe that she is still breeding and selling under the counter through other breeders, to the USA and to Holland.

I was proud of my name once upon a time. Now I just feel shame.

Rutland Manor

    • Tegan ParkAnonymous, Fri Apr 30 08:28
      This post is about Angela of Tegan Park or Tegan ASD
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