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Be sure and read this - it is true, but horrible at the same
Fri Oct 1, 2010 20:11



Somehow Angela rants that admitting that she and her husband were involved with the execution killing of Ellie and her puppies makes HER look innocent? She was the one, along with her mother, that gave the order to him to do it!

Then she turns 31 dogs into a kill shelter??!! These people just don't love, respect or care for their dogs - it seems apparent!

    • Cunningham puppy storyKim Berger, Sat Feb 26 16:45
      Hi- To Whom It May Concern, I just read (2/26/11), the story concerning dogs from Lady Lake Ranch taken to shelter by Angela Cunningham in 12/06. My husband and I purchased Annie from Derek... more
      • perhaps Annies' brotherLisa Trencher, Sun Mar 16 18:10
        Hi, I do not know if you will read this Kim because it is so many years later. My dog was bought from Angela's Feb 2, 2005 liter. Encore and Pinnochio were my boy Hudson's parents. Hudson was the... more
      • AnnieWendy, Sun Feb 27 16:29
        Kim, I have wondered about sweet little Annie since I met her in Florida. She is a littermate of our Seamus. I even had a chance to hold her in my arms. Your husband was going to pick her up a day or ... more
      • So sorry to hear about AnnieMary & The Doodle Crew, Sat Feb 26 23:49
        That is very sad..but glad your parents can afford her care. Would you mind sharing who Annies Parents are? That could prove to be quite helpful to others doodles helping doodles, Mary
        • Answer for MaryWendy, Wed Mar 19 19:11
          Mary, Just read your request... The parents of this litter were Shiraz and Casper. There were 9 in the litter. If you need more information please e-mail me at weperkatgmaildotcom. Wendy
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