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Tue Jul 5, 2011 03:32

hi anonymous...
seeing as you cant identify yourself.. are you embarressed??? I wonder why i have to have my dogs eye tested among other tests before they are allowed to be registered??? oh yes thats right... its a requirement... should i repeat that??? just in case you are lacking in understanding, They have to be tested, to be registered!!!!To be tested.... they have to be microchipped... by a registered vetinarian... so... no misunderstanding which dogs the tests belong to either....it is a breed requirement...
If as a registered stud breeder you are not breeding with two "registered" dogs from the same "registered" breed, then what you are doing is against the regulations of the society you are a member of... and you will be held accountable in the end...you dont breed as a registered stud breeder without a registered stud dog...that registration identifies the parents...your pedigree gives the parents, and their registration numbers, and the grandparents... etc for several generations, with the pedigree records being held away from the owners of the dog... so they cant be changed by the breeder without an investigation....
so have you got it now???
Bev's records are a joke...
Bev's "stud" is a joke... and an offense to any ethical and honest stud breeder of any animal persuasion

  • health testingAnonymous, Fri May 20 05:21
    Alison you crack me up. You know absolutely zilch about being a member of the KCC or Vic Dogs, there are no such requirements at all! Anyone with the money to pay a membership is welcomed with open... more
    • anonymous — alison, Tue Jul 5 03:32
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