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    • leading edge hit us todaybob, Sat Oct 15 00:44
      Hood Canal Bridge closed for several hours, waves over the roadway; Hwy 101 south of me closed in two places by downed trees. Out at Lake Crescent 40 school kids had to be rescued by the Coast Guard... more
    • coast trip next weekSteve Bettis, Fri Oct 14 20:55
      Our annual pilgrimage to the coast is next Thursday for Moms Birthday. It is our 19th or 20th year doing so. We will call ahead and make sure the rental house has power.
      • the typhoon hitbob, Sun Oct 16 09:36
        like a ping pong ball! Strongest winds here were in the 50mph range, not unusual for any strong storm and not the 70+ mph predicted; rain was heavy at times but not torrential. Submitted hourly... more
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