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La Lover
Heart of Evil
Mon May 25, 2009 07:19 (XFF:

The Wilson mind control item on APFN of May 24 is a shocking wake up call. Evil is revealed as a mind in revolt from its natural love context. The vicious mind controllers are themselves controlled by an anti-love Mind Fiend which used to be called Satan who demanded we sell our souls for false security. The names change but the torture and terror do not.

The evil heart of it all is a malignant Mind Field in the shape of a Death Star, a cancer tumor in the Body of Love. Like Luke Skywalker we must find its unguarded air shaft by which to penetrate to its evil innards and destroy it. We must diagnose correctly the problem in order to apply the cure.

In a word, the terminal disease is patriarchy which in vernacular terms means the penis as first principle of life rather than the clitoris and associated womamly organs. That, my friends, is why we have guns, spears, bombs, rockets, knives and other intangible technological weaponry such as usury (use your rear rape) to kill love in all her forms. Patriarchy is patrikillery. Killers cannot be lovers!

The shit really hits the fan when we apply that doctrine to real life. For example, killers are those who worship God or the non-God of atheism and cop-out agnosticism; killers are those who eat meat and animal products; killers are those who enslave animals through pethood, zoos, experiments, etc.; killers are those who engage in usury in any of its forms like stocks, speculation, interest, debt or investments; killers are those who participate in practically all of our cultural institutions of business, government, military, education, media and other mind control agencies; killers are those who violate the ancient and extra-biblical law of Do Not Kill.

So what's left? What can we do? I can only tell what I do now that I'm almost 70 and have made all the mistakes which I now repudiate. I put myself under a government of Love by going directly to the heart of love who is the Lover. My biggest mistake was thinking (note well: thinking) that love was the heart of God--love is not there; the heart of God is nothing but evil, a giant deception dating back to the rebellion of patriarchy from our original love culture which began with our species creation some 150,000 years ago.

That is my experience and it is my duty to share it whether anyone else hears it or not. Patriarchy (as an institution and a complex of individual minds) is the idea that we call the devil, evil, illuminati, and a thousand other names until we get to the big one: God. It's a tough nut to crack but it has to be done sooner or later. Truth is truth and words are emotionally loaded energies which don't care what we think.

Railing at evil is but a first step. Identifying it correctly saps its power; and applying love to where it hurts is the only effective cure. When we find that sore spot and lance the boil to release the pus, we'll feel it. We'll know it because it is a body thing, not a mind control Weapon of Mass Distraction. When that happens, know that we're in touch with the Body of the Lover and relief is at hand.

-Dennis La Lover of the Ojai California branch of Love Government Blogstream

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