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Rife Model 101 Frequency Generator
Sat May 10, 2014 09:42

Rife Model 101 Frequency Generator

Royal Rife - Suppressed Medical Knowledge

"Royal Rife - Suppressed Medical Knowledge - YouTube

Optimum Health, Optimum Vitality - at any age!
Consider the full anti-aging palette we offer:
Rife Machine: the fast track to wellness through electrical frequencies that implode diseased cells!

Tina's Tidbit:
I've used the Rife machine mostly for minor issues like aches & pains, muscle spasms & headaches, stomach bugs from travel abroad and definitely stopping oncoming COLDS! And one major Rife 101 success: my Adrenal Glands are now in better shape than my doctor's!

See MY STORY for more of my personal Rife 101 successes.

Suffering from Cancer? Chronic Fatigue? Allergies? Candida? Lyme? Pain? Arthritis? Impotence?
In 1933 Dr. Royal Raymond Rife Discovered the Secret for Destroying Disease

Here is the unbelievable and scandalous story! Are you sick and tired of going to the doctor, spending a small fortune getting more pills and advice that doesn't work? Why not try something where people from all walks of life often get exceptional results?!

Non-patentable herbs and alternative modalities are not even considered for cancer and other chronic diseases, as they are not profitable. Cancer treatment is the number one money making industry in the U.S. They want you going back to your doctor until you die or run out of money. We hear the same story over and over from our customers!

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, one of history's greatest medical minds, found that he could cure diseases by shattering the membranes of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites through the use of specific electronic frequencies. You have seen the opera singer shatter a glass with a certain frequency it is the same principal.

Over and over Dr. Rife proved that by destroying these pathogens he could eliminate the associated disease quickly and without side effects. Rife's brilliant frequency therapy remains taboo to orthodox mainstream medicine because of the continuing threat it poses to the international pharmaceutical medical monopoly that controls the health of the vast majority of the people on this planet. Read the historical truth here!

The remedy for cancer and many other dreaded diseases has been around since the 1930s. It's criminal the way the medical profession has hidden this information from you and all the pain they have caused for the profit motive. The pharmaceutical industry makes profits of over $300 billion dollars a year (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, April 11, 2010) and the last thing they want to see is some little machine that zaps pathogens (and their profits) cheaply, quickly and with no nasty side effects.

Take responsibility for your own health - support your body to cure itself - realize there's another way, or a supplemental way - not just poison, cut and radiate. Diet, water, emotional health and frequency healing!

Do your own research and BE VIBRANTLY WELL! Find out how to have optimum health what water to drink, what supplements to take, exercise and take advantage of the latest information in the field of wellness and health, not illness, radiation and drugs. Even diseases of "old age" don't have to affect you - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis. Just say no.

There are many testimonials on this site and more being added all the time! I myself have relief after over 35 years of painful shoulder muscles due to scar tissue! My adrenals (which were pretty flat), are now better than my doctor's! Life is good when you feel good, and I'm addicted to feeling good! You can be too!

Any disease, which is caused by a pathogen, can be reversed by destroying the pathogen and letting the body's own immune system heal itself. The best part is that the healthy cells are not affected since they function at a different frequency. I don't trust anyone that does anything to harm your immune system!

The Rife machine shatters the outer membrane of invading microorganisms using quality directed energy frequencies. You can actually see this happen under a dark field microscope. Additionally, many people have found that the programmed frequencies in this unique Rife machine can enhance the resonance of glands and organs, as well as alter the electrical energy in aching muscles and joints, restoring energy and promoting a sense of well-being. Old toxins are removed with a body cleanse and the energy of the body is rebuilt.The body can then heal itself. There's even a program for detoxification to help clean out the old junk.

It doesn't matter which disease you have! The electrical pathways of your body, called meridians, are cleared and restored while pathogens (cancer, virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc) are incapacitated.

Why We Can't Discuss Medical Benefits: Manufacturers are forbidden to discuss any medical benefits for disease without FDA approval. FDA approval and development for use on each disease costs about $234-359 million. $234 million is just 3 days' profit for the drug industry!However, it is unlikely that anyone in the drug or health care industry will pay to get our technology FDA approved not while insurance pays them up to $200,000 per cancer patient for using their medical therapy. So, until we can afford $234 million to approve each of the 285 known uses of bio-active frequencies, all we can legally say about the research reports is that it even amazes us.

We are able to contiinue to offer the Rife 101 technology since it is grandfathered in as it precedes the FDA rules. Read the history here if you haven't yet. However, the Rife 101 is offered for "personal experimentation" purposes only as it cannot cure you - only a drug offered by a doctor can do that, according to our FDA.

Looking for relief and results? Get your own machine while you still can. The FDA makes it very difficult to advertise or promote this technology, and there is a constant looming threat that the FDA will ban these machines. If they didn't work so well, the FDA wouldn't care! Read the testimonials! Every one of them are true.

This professional quality "Rife Model 101" Rife machine offers the latest state-of-the-art technology with extreme accuracy and the latest advancement from over 75 years of bio frequency research. We feel this machine is the finest product of this type to ever be produced. Many unique features have been incorporated for ease of use. You will be able to tell that much thought and a high-level of engineering was involved in its creation. We took everything that has been done previously, upgraded and fine-tuned the machine, then added many features from experienced users" wish lists."Click to read about the Rife 101's features.

The Model-T Ford was a wonderful car, but newer and better cars in time took its place, along with convenient features like rear window defrosters and nighttime rear view mirrors. History changes and so do Rife machines. Much of the technology out there is more than 15 years old. Ours is constantly being improved upon and has unique features. Some manufacturers scoff at these unique features because their machines don't have them. They also say their machine is the best and has all the latest features. Good then let's compare!

NOTICE: This information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to prevent, treat or diagnose disease or to lead persons away from a qualified doctor. Neither the distributor nor author directly or indirectly dispense medical advice, nor do they prescribe remedies or assume any responsibility for those who experiment. You should always consult your doctor as to the best treatment. READ THE HISTORY IF YOU HAVEN'T!

Rife Machine - Rife 101 - Rife Model 101 Frequency Generator

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