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DH Skies
Staff activity check and recruitment
Sat Nov 15, 2014 00:08

Hands up who is still here!

Also, the following positions are currently vacant:
- Quidditch Coach
- DADA Professor

We hope to recruit to these positions but - in the event that we don't - please let us know if you would be willing to cover any element of these positions over the coming term, or continue to cover them if you have been doing so so far. If you feel unable to commit to it in full but don't mind posting and marking one lesson, for example, that is still very valued, so let us know.

    • here! Sorry for the delay. (nm)Amelle Nicchi, Sat Nov 29 11:09
    • Also here!Florence Olivers, Fri Nov 21 00:18
      I'm fine with still covering Quidditch.
    • Here (nm)Richard Tallec, Mon Nov 17 01:45
    • Here!Nathan Xavier, Sat Nov 15 18:47
      I can continue to take Advanced and possibly Intermediate DADA with Thomas Belfast if we don't fill the position.
    • Here!Diana Yu, Sat Nov 15 18:01
      (and will get Potions up by the end of today, hopefully!)
    • Here (nm)Headmaster Brockert, Sat Nov 15 04:04
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