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Headmaster Brockert
Pre-Midterm Schedule
Tue Dec 30, 2014 21:54

Week 1 (December 26)
Term Starts
Opening Feast

Week 2 (January 2)
HoH Speeches
Flying Lessons
Quidditch Sign Ups

Week 3 (January 9)
Advanced COMC
Beginner Transfig

Week 4 (January 16)
Intermediate Charms
Beginner DADA

Week 5 (January 23)
Intermediate Potions
Advanced Transfig

Week 6 (January 30)
Advanced DADA
Beginner COMC

Week 7 (February 6)
Intermediate Transfig
Beginner Charms

Week 8 (February 13)
Advanced Potions
Intermediate COMC

Week 9 (February 20)
Advanced Charms
Intermediate DADA

Week 10 (February 27)
Game 1 ends
Points in
Midterm Begins

    • CorrectionSelina, Thu Jan 1 20:55
      For tryouts/teams being posted. It may be useful for these to be in our list, so Florence can help to manage those notifications to the QCs and AQCs.
      • Re: CorrectionHeadmaster Brockert, Thu Jan 1 23:19
        Lists close on the fourth week and try-outs should be posted on the sixth week.
        • Re: CorrectionSelina, Sat Jan 10 22:40
          Why have a two week gap? Especially given that walk ons are welcome. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave as much time for people to sign up as possible, determined by the deadline of try outs being... more
    • QuidditchSelina, Thu Jan 1 20:54
      Be sure to give captains a deadline for teams being posted, even if that's not on our schedule. Also you have game one ending but not beginning!
      • Re: QuidditchHeadmaster Brockert, Thu Jan 1 23:18
        The game starts Week 8. Sorry, I had it written on the schedule and somehow forgot to type it in.
    • DadaNathan, Thu Jan 1 20:36
      Am I taking all of the DADA classes this term or can somebody else do Beginners?
      • If need be...Diana, Fri Jan 2 17:15
        ...I can take Beginners DADA. Not as Diana, but can send in a peripheral character.
        • Sounds good!Headmaster Brockert, Fri Jan 2 18:16
          Thank you sooo much!
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