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DH Skies
Pre midterm schedule, including plot points
Thu May 28, 2015 09:39

Here is the schedule for pre-midterm, including when plot points will be posted, and notes for lessons which should include them. Please let me know if you can see any problems, or know of dates you will be away if they clash with commitments. I am also using this post as an activity check, so please give me a nod, even if you have nothing to say about the schedule.

Pre-Midterm Schedule, including plot points

(Pre-Week 22nd May - First Year Orientation)

Week 1 (May 29th)
Opening Feast

Week 2 (June 5th)
Head of House Speeches
Flying Lessons
Quidditch Sign Ups

Week 3 (June 12th)
Advanced DADA - lesson on legilimency/occlumency
Intermediate Potions - see chatzy notes

Week 4 (June 19th)
Quidditch try outs
Beginner Charms
Intermediate Transfig
Secret 1

Week 5 (June 26th)
Advanced Potions
Beginner COMC
Intermediate Divination

Week 6 (July 3rd)
Advanced Charms
Intermediate DADA (preferably not on Dementors/Boggarts)
Secrets two and three

Week 7 (July 10th)
Advanced COMC
Beginner Transfig
Match 1
Secret four
Week 8 (July 17th)
Intermediate Charms
Beginner DADA
Secret five

Week 9 (July 24th)
Match 1 Ends
Beginner Potions
Advanced Transfig
Secrets six and seven

Week 10 (July 31st)
Points in
Midterm begins

After Midterm, the remaining secrets will be posted. There could be a hint to do with Nathan finding animal hair around the school. The Intermediate DADA class will be set a homework on Dementors and/or Boggarts, and asked to research other animals that prey on emotions.

    • Here!Richard Tallec, Wed Jun 24 15:31
      Sorry I have been a little MIA. Im currently busy with school and work, but should have no problem with my courses.
    • Here!Diana's author, Wed Jun 3 22:12
      Though not sure if I'm Diana or Alfie yet as I am awaiting what Isis would prefer. However since Diana is HoH I also don't know what should be done about that?
    • **Nods** (nm)Amelle Nicchi, Thu May 28 21:38
    • *nods*Nathan, Thu May 28 16:47
      And to clarify, do I find hair whenever, or specifically after midterm? I'm pretty free this term, and through midterm, but by the second half of the year, we are getting pretty close to my due date... more
    • Oh and.... (Florence)DH Skies, Thu May 28 11:19
      Assistant captain letters should probably go out asap, as I always figure they're there when students arrive.
      • Here and tryouts?Florence Olivers, Fri May 29 20:53
        Sorry I was so MIA last SA year. I'll try to be more on top of things with this year. I posted the Quidditch letters for Aladren and Pecari. Will Skies and Nathan take care of Teppenpaw and Crotalus... more
        • Re: Here and tryouts?DH Skies, Sat May 30 00:51
          Hmm, as no AQC needs appointing, it could just be left to them to start lists - they are returning captains and that's what returning captains do. Both authors are frequently in chatzy and I think... more
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