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DH Skies
Fair sign ups
Sun Oct 9, 2016 05:09

Hi guys,

Hopefully you've seen the discussion (or its summary) in chatzy. The idea of an international fair was pretty popular, and whilst a few people were on, we fleshed it out a bit. If anyone really is unhappy with any of these decisions, please let us know, as obviously the input mostly came from people who happened to be on at a random point.

We will have....

1) 8 booths with up to 6 students running each.
We wanted to make it possible for everyone who wants to participate to do so without stretching too thinly. If ALL booths fill up and people still want to join in, they can.

2) A staff member supervising each booth
IC this is to ensure that students don't carried away with ideas that are unrealistic and offensive. OOC, the duties will include posting a meeting (may or may not require an actual post) and posting the set up of the booth at the fair.

3) There will be at least one country from each continent except Antarctica (The Americas [counted together, as North gives limited scope for very different cultures], Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania), and a maximum of two from one continent.

Please sign up below within the next week to show whether you'd be interested in running a booth. Please indicate if you are 'actively interested' or 'will do if needed.'

    • Late, but I'm interested (nm)Liam Ammon, Sun Oct 23 17:01
    • If neededEdda Eir, Sat Oct 15 00:23
      She may even cooperate if it's interesting enough instead of her usual tendency to create mischief
    • If neededRory Taransay, Fri Oct 14 17:25
      It sounds like a fun idea! Normally I'd totally be up for it, but as I don't yet know what's going on workwise, am planning some holidays, and don't know exactly when we're planning to hold the fair, ... more
    • Interested! (nm)Professor Perrault, Fri Oct 14 16:17
    • Definitively interested. (nm)Sophie O'Malley , Tue Oct 11 21:06
    • Will Do if Needed!Nathan Xavier, Sun Oct 9 18:44
      IC, Nathan would be willing, but he's adjusting to a new full schedule of classes, so he's unsure about balancing his time commitments. OOC, I am unsure of my time commitments.
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