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Nathan Xavier
Will Do if Needed!
Sun Oct 9, 2016 18:44

IC, Nathan would be willing, but he's adjusting to a new full schedule of classes, so he's unsure about balancing his time commitments. OOC, I am unsure of my time commitments.

  • Fair sign upsDH Skies, Sun Oct 9 05:09
    Hi guys, Hopefully you've seen the discussion (or its summary) in chatzy. The idea of an international fair was pretty popular, and whilst a few people were on, we fleshed it out a bit. If anyone... more
    • If neededEdda Eir, Sat Oct 15 00:23
      She may even cooperate if it's interesting enough instead of her usual tendency to create mischief
    • If neededRory Taransay, Fri Oct 14 17:25
      It sounds like a fun idea! Normally I'd totally be up for it, but as I don't yet know what's going on workwise, am planning some holidays, and don't know exactly when we're planning to hold the fair, ... more
    • Will Do if Needed! — Nathan Xavier, Sun Oct 9 18:44
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