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Isis Carter
Amendments (IMPORTANT)
Tue Oct 11, 2016 21:05

I realized reading this back that there's two Beginners Defense lessons scheduled and also one day with two Charms lessons. Sorry about that!

Alfie, if you can go by the first date, which is October 21st, for your Beginners Defense class, that would be great.

Edward, please post Beginners Charms on November 4th (which currently says the second Defense lesson) and just have Intermediate due for November 19th.

Sorry if this is confusing. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Pre-Midterm ScheduleDH Skies, Thu Oct 6 04:05
    Big thanks to Isis for writing the majority of the schedule, as both Mortimer and I were swamped this week. Week 1 (Sept. 23) Opening Feast Week 2 (Sept. 30) OF continues Week 3 (Oct. 7) HoH Speeches ... more
    • Amendments (IMPORTANT) — Isis Carter, Tue Oct 11 21:05
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