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Headmaster Brockert
Post-Midterm Schedule
Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:37

Schedule brought to you by Isis, Big thanks to her for doing it.

Week 1 (December 9)

Midterm ends

Returning Feast

Week 2 (December 16)

Quidditch Game 2

Beginner Herbology

Intermediate Charms

Week 3 (December 23)

Beginner Potions

Intermediate Transfiguration

Advanced Herbology

Week 4 (December 30)

Game 2 end

Beginner Transfiguration

Intermediate Defense Against the Dark Arts

Advanced Care of Magical Creatures

Week 5 (January 6)

Intermediate Potions

Advanced Charms

Week 6 (January 13)

Game 3

Beginner Care of Magical Creatures

Intermediate Muggle Studies

Advanced Potions

Week 7 (January 20)

Intermediate Care of Magical Creatures

Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts

Week 8 (January 27)

Game 3 end

Beginner Defense Against the Dark Arts

Intermediate Herbology

Week 9 (February 3)

Beginner Charms

Advanced Transfiguration

Week 10 (February 10)

Midsummer Fair

Week 11 (February 17)

Finish threads

February 24-Orientation
Points due

***Could be Advanced Muggle Studies. I wasn't sure if you wanted to run it when only one person signed up on the OOC board at the start of the year.

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