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Fri Dec 16, 2016 19:30

I tried to register for this and it just sort of looped me around repeatedly. I'm not sure if I'm just not doing something correctly or what. If someone else is able to get in then I'll assume I'm doing something incorrectly.

  • Site Things & Quidditch Nathan Xavier, Thu Dec 15 21:00
    Okay, so a few things I'm putting on here so even if you missed them in chatzy or they scroll out, you can still see them. Site Changes With the change in servers, I have made a few adjustments to... more
    • Links!Liam Ammon, Sun Dec 18 23:21
      The link from the point counter to the homepage doesn't work. There is an "edit pages" link from the point counter page that doesn't work...not that it really needs to, just reporting it.
      • Thanks!Nathan, Sat Dec 31 21:29
        That hadn't been updated in ages. That was at least two servers out of date. Good catch.
    • Author Sign In — Amelle, Fri Dec 16 19:30
      • Try again?Alfie, Sat Dec 31 14:16
        I just did mine and it appears to be working, maybe it was a bug? What happened was I was sent to my email where I was given a temporary password. I then logged in with that and went to account... more
        • Thanks guys!Nathan, Sat Dec 31 20:50
          My auto-generated emails weren't working before, but I think I got that sorted this morning. When you register, you should get an email with a verification code, which is basically a temporary... more
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