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May 5
Thu Mar 2, 2017 11:29

May 5 is my daughter's birthday. Can I switch that Beginners Herbology for another week?

  • Pre-midterm SA28 schedule!Isis Carter, Thu Feb 16 22:08
    Here we go, guys. Let me know ASAP if there's a foreseeable conflict and we need to shift something. As always, if something comes up unexpectedly later, I can just about always fill in. :) Week 1... more
    • May 5 — Nathan , Thu Mar 2 11:29
      • April 21st?Isis, Wed Mar 15 21:25
        Want to switch with me and I'll do Beginners Potions that day? That works out better for me anyway because the 21st is opening night of the musical I'm in. Sorry for the delayed response!
      • Re: May 5Headmaster Brockert, Fri Mar 10 15:33
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