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Still here
Mon Jul 10, 2017 19:49

Nathan is happy to remain as staff and I am actually quite enjoying DADA so I am willing to continue with Daniel there until permanent staff can be found. (Ideally just the older two classes but if necessary Daniel can take beginners as well.)

  • Active staffSelina, Mon Jul 10 07:46
    If you consider yourself an active member of staff and are happy to continue your duties next year, please respond below. If your duties are not immediately obvious, e.g. you cover a specific set if... more
    • Still hereMortimer, Sat Jul 15 18:10
      And will be continuing my Headmaster duties, sorting and whatnot.
    • Still here!Grayson Wright, Sat Jul 15 15:22
      Happy to keep up Charms another year, and to stand in for Quidditch Coach until we get one.
    • Still here! Rory Taransay, Fri Jul 14 14:32
      Continuing with COMC duties and happy to take on Aladren HoH. I will be travelling until potentially mid-September, but I plan to pre-write a term's worth of lessons and HoH speeches so that,... more
    • Still here!Isis/Sophie, Fri Jul 14 13:40
      Still willing to do whatever is needed.
    • Still here — Nathan/Daniel, Mon Jul 10 19:49
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