Nathan Xavier
Pre-Midterm Schedule SA29
Sun Aug 20, 2017 15:54

First time I'm doing this, so let me know if I forgot anything that should be on here, or if you have conflicts so we can make any alterations. Also added color coded staff names to help find your responsibilities (well, mostly to make sure I didn't double-book anyone while setting stuff up, but it probably helps you guys, too.)

Week 1: August 18
Opening feast

Week 2: August 25
Opening feast continues
HoH Speeches
Quidditch Sign-Ups

Week 3: September 1
Applications Close
Beginner Potions (Isis/Sophie)
Intermediate Transfiguration (Selina)
Advanced Charms (Gray)

Week 4: September 8
Flying Lessons (Gray)
Intermediate DADA (Nathan/Daniel)
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures (Rory)

Week 5: September 15
Quidditch Try-Outs
Beginner Transfiguration (Selina)
Intermediate Charms (Gray)
Advanced Muggle Studies (Isis/Sophie)

Week 6: September 22
Intermediate Herbology (Nathan/Daniel)
Advanced Potions (Isis/Sophie)

Week 7: September 29
Quidditch Rosters Due
Beginner Care of Magical Creatures (Rory)
Intermediate Muggle studies (Isis/Sophie)
Advanced Transfiguration (Selina)

Week 8: October 6
Quidditch Game 1 Begins (Gray)
Intermediate Potions (Isis/Sophie)
Beginner Herbology (Nathan/Daniel)

Week 9: October 13
Intermediate Care of Magical Creatures (Rory)
Advanced DADA (Nathan/Daniel)

Week 10: October 20
Quidditch Game 1 Ends
Beginner Charms (Gray)
Advanced Herbology (Nathan/Daniel)

Week 11: October 27
Midterm Begins

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