DH Skies
Post-midterm schedule
Mon Nov 6, 2017 08:09

10th November:
Beginners Charms (Gray)
Intermediate Potions (Isis/Sophie)
Advanced DADA (Nathan/Daniel)
Quidditch match 2 (Selina)

17th November
Beginners DADA (Nathan/Daniel)
Intermediate Transfiguration (Selina)
Advanced Potions (Isis/Sophie)

24th November
Beginners Transfiguration (Selina)
Intermediate COMC (Rory)
Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!

1st December
Beginners Herbology (Nathan/Daniel)
Intermediate Charms (Gray)
Advanced COMC (Rory)
Quidditch match 3 (if needed) (Selina)

8th December
Beginners Potions (Isis/Sophie)
Intermediate DADA (Nathan/Daniel)
Advanced Transfiguration (Selina)
Prefect Discussion - all staff

15th December
Beginners COMC (Rory)
Intermediate Herbology (Nathan/Daniel)
Advanced Charms
Prefect Vote - all staff

22nd December
CATS/RATS - Mortimer
Have yourselves a merry little Christmas

29th December
Head Student Ballot Mortimer
Bonfire Mortimer
Announce class post deadline for 3rd Jan - any staff member

3rd January
Points in over the weekend - all teaching staff
Post reward during the subsequent week (Selina)

10th January
Schedule for next term any staff member

17th January
Orientation for new students (Nathan/Daniel)
Quidditch letters (decide nearer time)
Quidditch schedule posted on OOC board any staff member

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