Professor Mary Brooding
Tue Jul 24, 2018 02:20

This wasn't the first time-- or even the second or third time-- that Mary Brooding had gotten lost. Sometimes, she was lost in thought. Other times, she was lost in the tangle of black hair that poured from beneath her large pointed hat. Most often, she just wasn't sure where she was going in the first place, let alone how to get there.

When she'd received her acceptance letter to the post of Potions professor at Sonora Academy, she had, of course, known where Sonora Academy was. It was her alma mater, after all, and she couldn't have forgotten a thing like Sonora. However, in all her time as a student, she never thought to question where the staff room was.

It seemed reasonable to go first to the Headmaster's office, or to her new quarters, but she preferred to visit the staff room first instead and take the opportunity to not seem like the crazy person that just moved themselves in without warning. Besides, the first years would be undergoing orientation, and she thought it a good opportunity to get introduced to the school again-- and her new position within it.

She tumbled through the door into the staff room with a sort of dazed look on her face. Her hair was braided and was swept up behind her when she walked, kicked back like the hems of her brown robes. Her hat, a matching chocolate color, was the only thing about her appearance that was neat, as it wasn't even sliding despite her haphazard arrival.

"Hello?" she called, wondering if there were any rooms or hallways off the main staff room. "Is anybody around?"

She scrunched up her nose and bit the inside of her cheek, pondering her situation. Taking the nearest seat and setting down her suitcase beside her on the floor, she resigned herself to waiting for someone else to come find her. Goodness knows she was in no mood to run around the castle like a doxie with its wings cut off, hoping to find someone or other. No, it would be better to wait.

Humming to herself, she retrieved a copy of the newspaper from her suitcase, stashed near the top for just such occasions as these, and began reading, keeping her ears perked for sounds of others nearby.

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      OOC-- Ironically enough, I got myself lost. Moved over to the correct room to reply to Tabitha's post.
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