International Australian Labradoodle Association, ALAA
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Just and FYI Tammie..the breeder does not
Sat Jul 21, 2012 16:52

have to be the one to report it to the doodle database. Sadly...if left up to ONLY the breeder to be the one doing the reporting...most would not want that info reported. AS long as an owner has the required veternarian documentation that is required to support a proper diagnosis..they can submit it on their own.

doodles helping doodles,

  • Re: Addison'sTammie , Fri Jul 20 00:36
    There is a doodle breeders database. Inform the breeder and hopefully they will report it to the database. We really need to collect these types of information to make good breeding decisions.
    • Just and FYI Tammie..the breeder does not — Mary & The Doodle Crew, Sat Jul 21 16:52
    • Addison'smargodevine, Fri Jul 20 12:45
      I have notified the breeder, but also feel a responsibility to report my puppy's condition.
      • Here is who you can contact to submitMary & The Doodle Crew, Sat Jul 21 17:11
        health problems with your labradoodle To view the database go to and register to date there are over 8000 pedigrees loaded on the database. The... more
      • Re: Addison'sTammie, Fri Jul 20 14:37
        Yes that is great! If they are registered with the ALAA or ALCA you could report it to them too. You would need to send the test results to confirm as lines are "suspected" but proof often does not... more
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