International Australian Labradoodle Association, ALAA
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labradoodle puppy health issues
Thu Aug 2, 2012 22:00

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with health issues with my mini labradoodle puppy and my breeder. I purchased my puppy in Aug of 2011 , we have had some real health issues from severe valgus deformities to mild/moderat hip dysplasia. We were able to get ahold of the breeder at the beginning of the diagnosis of the severe valgus deformity and were asked to have the xrays evaluated through the OFA regarding the hip dysplasia. We did this at the breeders request and have tried to communicate with the breeder however she will not respond to numerous emails and phone calls. Our puppy has had several operations to help correct the valgus deformity , unfortunately the hip dysplasia rating is very probably going to get worse as he ages. The breeder of course gave us a guarantee but I see that guarantees are worthless if the breeder won't even return calls. I guess she is too busy breeding more puppies and collecting huge fees and telling unsuspecting customers all about a useless guarantee. What recourse do i have or can this association help in some way? If anyone has any other advice it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Re: labradoodle puppy health issuesShari, Fri Aug 3 00:45
      Hi Donna If the breeder is a member of the ALAA there is a formal complaint process and a complaint form that can be filled out and submitted. Shari
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