International Australian Labradoodle Association, ALAA
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Thu Oct 11, 2012 07:28

If an ALD and not early generation it might be ar result of breeding a fleece coat to a fleece coat. Its always best to breed a fleece with either a combo or a wool coat. If your breeder promoted this as a non shedding dog then I think you have legitimate complaint. If the breeder will not either compensate or better yet replace then you can file a complaint with the associations that she belongs to and discuss your options with legal counsel. Pups begin shedding out their puppy coats as early as 4 months, typically between 7 to 12 months.

If he is shedding this much now he probably will shed like this as an adult. This is a hair coat

  • sheddingPaula, Wed Oct 10 09:02
    I have a 12 week old fleece straight coated Multigen parti male who is shedding profusely. The breeder says this will stop once his adult coat comes in. His hair is about an inch long if that. I am... more
    • Shedding — imnot12, Thu Oct 11 07:28
    • sheddingJean Over The Moon Labradoodldes, Thu Oct 11 00:53
      Hi Paul It has been my experience that most straight coated doodles shed. I have had a litter řƒ multi gen Austalian puppies and two out of the litter had the straight coat. I think a breeder with... more
    • sheddingMarcia Ellen, Wed Oct 10 22:03
      It is a known fact than any puppy that sheds it will shed as an adult. Are you sure if you purchased an Australian labradoodle or did you purchase a F1 labradoodle which does shed. I would check back ... more
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