International Australian Labradoodle Association, ALAA
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Fri Nov 9, 2012 15:30

Thank you for your responses and as breeders I appreciate your ability to see from a buyers perspective. I feel like this breeder thinks she is doing buyers a favor instead of feeling honored that we have selected her, and yes she charges 3% on credit card transactions! In my opinion this is part of business. I am paying with cash but this should have awakened me to how she does business. I am going ahead with transaction and have requested that they do the desexing and microchip and I wil pick up at a later date. Rich I am regretful I did not find your website earlier I really like how direct and honest you do business I have never payed for a dog as I have always did rescue ones. I love the Multigen Austrailian Labradoodle and paying $2700 (tax included) is a huge purchase for a middle lass blue collar worker. I have no regrets only that I thought I was finding a "Excellent Breeder" the attitude and lack of follow through has been disturbing. I am sure once I leave I'll be on my own. Breeders If you can not treat each buyer with respect and honor "your contract" then get out of breeding befor you are the reason this breed doesn't get a good reputation.

  • Australian labradoodle pupptyAnonymous , Thu Nov 8 13:54
    I am very concerned with the lack of follow through I am experiencing with a breeder and would like to get some input. I have chosen a breeder that belongs to all of the associations and even letting ... more
    • Breeder concernMelanie Ellen, Fri Nov 9 16:35
      When I had difficulty with a breeder I contacted in writing followed up by phone, the president of the organizations being advertized. Copy the breeder, it satisfied my issues.
    • Puppy — Anonymous , Fri Nov 9 15:30
    •, Fri Nov 9 08:51
      You mention several contractual issues that are not being met. Those you can seek legal counsel on and remediation. You can also file complaints with the associations though personally I think you... more
    • ActionKendra~ Noble Vestal Labradoodle, Fri Nov 9 06:53
      First You do not have to take a puppy that you do not want, this doesn't mean that you will get the exact puppy that is your first or second choice but the puppy should meet your criteria. If you... more
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