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Cole Porter
Please Help Bodie the Labradoodle
Wed Jan 10, 2018 02:20

Hi there,
Im sure this is a bit unorthodox but I thought it was worth a shot.
My names Cole Porter, and we actually have a Labradoodle that became quite sick about a week ago. After taking him into the vet they discovered he had a massive 4 pound abscess on his liver, another on his secum, and that he was septic. He had surgery and has since been doing much better but is in an extremely fragile condition. We spent about $10k as of yesterday and just don't have any more to give. My mom was forced to take him out of the ICU and is staying in a hotel with him about 5 minutes away from the vet in case he takes a turn for the worse. The vets are confident he will make a full recovery given time and more care, which is why my mom is staying over there.
Well anyway, I started a GoFundMe to try and help keep him in the ICU or at least help pay for some of the extra costs. If he does take a turn for the worse we'll have to put him down since we can't afford another few thousand dollars.
I was wondering if you could maybe pass the link around or to someone you think could help in any way. There are all the receipts on there also under the updates portion. Literally any amount would help so much. Even $5 or $10.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you could help us out a little even by telling people about Bodie's story,
Thanks so much,
Cole Porter

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