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Bradford Kinney
Fri Apr 27, 2012 15:43

I would love to get SO MANY of these shows from you... especially anything rated A- or better from 93-95... Could we just direct connect or something? I don't have many pavement shows, but i have tons of other lossless stuff you might enjoy. my email is :)

  • pavement collectionssilent kit, Mon May 21 03:59
    I thought I would post the list of shows I have.This hasn't been updated in a long time, so I have alot more than what I am posting here.I got lucky years ago with attaining my collection, and met... more
    • Lawrence KS showAndrew Joseph Fiala, Sun Mar 4 16:58
      Could I get the Liberty Hall show from 1994? We can do this through paypal. My email is
    • pavement! — Bradford Kinney, Fri Apr 27 15:43
    • HALP!Anonymous, Tue Jan 10 15:25
      NEED these shows real bad, will even paypal if you can help. thanks! 12/14/89 KDVS-FM Davis CA 1 B+ 08/20/90 C+O Club Charlottesville VA 1 A- 08/31/91 Maxwell's Hoboken NJ 1 A- 05/19/92 Cattle Club... more
      • Re: HALP!Anonymous, Tue Jan 10 15:26
        NEED these shows real bad, will even paypal if you can help. thanks!\ 12/14/89 KDVS-FM Davis CA 1 B+ 08/20/90 C+O Club Charlottesville VA 1 A- 08/31/91 Maxwell's Hoboken NJ 1 A- 05/19/92 Cattle Club... more
    • HBO reverb showAnonymous, Mon Jul 16 17:15
      I'll do anything to have this show. If you can upload it on rapidshare or send me a copy, whatever you can do. It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
      • Re: HBO reverb showBones, Tue Jul 17 14:11
        hmmm. anything you say? would you kill a man?
        • well...Anonymous, Tue Jul 17 14:13
          I promised my best friend I would find this for him before I die. I found it over Christmas, but the guy flaked out on me and kept the $5 and DVD I sent him. If you could help me out, I would be... more
          • Re: well...Anonymous, Thu Jul 19 14:53
            I have it on video but not dvd. wait-what year? they did it twice.
            • It was the...Anonymous, Thu Jul 19 15:21
              show they did with Built to Spill. I'd be happy with either show, but the BTS one specifically.
    • wanna trade?Bones, Thu May 24 14:14
      Silent Kit- you have two shows that I am particularly interested in... 10/03/97 Graffiti's Pittsburgh PA 1 A-- 10/11/97 40 Watt Club Athens GA 2 A I was at both of these shows and would love to have... more
    • pavement collectionsjosepine, Thu May 24 13:50
      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, i have been looking everywhere for the Pavement Reverb show. tell me what you want. i'll pay whatever i can that is reasonable. i've been wanting that forever. i was at the... more
      • Re: pavement collectionssilent kit, Thu May 24 16:16
        Anyone who wants to trade, or would just like something from my collection, email me and I will help you out.It's ok if you don't have anything to send back in return.I am doing this more to just get ... more
    • oh yeah!!!edde, Mon May 21 15:46
      after i update my list (thanks to Bones on that!), i'll hafta x-ref and see what you have that i can snarfle, and by that i mean trade.
    • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Mon May 21 06:17
      hey, thanks for posting that! pretty impressive list of shows you got:) let us know if you feel like putting something up on a torrent tracker ;) hans joakim.
      • Re: pavement collectionssilent kit, Tue May 22 15:25
        I would put these up on a tracker like zomb, but I don't know how to propperly do it...I'll check it out.
        • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Tue May 22 17:06
          hey man, i really don't want to be pushy or anything; it takes time and a bit of idealism to put hard earned shows up for grabs at torrent sites :) on the other hand, i know from first hand... more
          • Re: pavement collectionssilent kit, Wed May 23 10:09
            Right on, thanks!I will seriously look into this, and keep everyone updated.I should have time this weekend to work on things.
            • Re: pavement collectionssilent kit, Wed May 23 10:18
              I am just having one problem uploading on Zomb.How do I upload a whole show, and not just one song/file at a time?I don't seem to have that option.If I can figure that out, there will be a wave of... more
              • Uploadmichael, Thu May 31 19:16
                Have been looking for the Brewstock 1995 show for a while. Lost my copy. I nominate this show.
              • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Wed May 23 11:17
                oh you're the man :) if you want to share a whole show, i think you should select a "directory" option or something like that in the program you're using to make the .torrent file. then just select... more
                • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Wed May 23 13:36
                  heya, here's another one that's more work friendly;) i haven't used maketorrent myself (as i'm on a linux box), but let me know if you run... more
                • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Wed May 23 11:21
                  edit: if you use maketorrent, switch to 'classic' mode, and pick 'dir'. there's something like a tutorial also here: ... more
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