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Tue May 15, 2007 07:28 (XFF:

I remember seeing one a long while back...going from memory it's Standard tuning, chordwise it's a barre chord 4th fret on the A string, then to E, then BM then A, etc...I think. Malkmus' fills during the verses are standard but the solo was never tabbed probably because if you've seen that one video from that European festival (the "people are saying you are going to save rock n'roll" one) you'll know why. Hope this hurts.


  • Re: followupGdoody, Tue May 15 04:00
    Anyone have a tab for Fin they'd like to share. Would be much appreciated. Thanks -G
    • fin — IHOP, Tue May 15 07:28
      • Re: finGdoody, Tue May 15 23:33
        Thanks so much, sounds good. I love that song. What about Harness Your Hopes and Ann Don't Cry? Anyone, Thanks again.
        • Re: finIHOP, Wed May 16 09:55
          The solo in Fin is my favorite guitar moment of all time independant of artist. I have never attempted the other 2 songs you mentioned so unfortunately I can't help you there but my guess is Harness... more
          • Re: finGdoody, Wed May 16 16:58
            Makes sense why you wouldnt play it/know it then. thanks anyway. And I figured Harness was in standard as well, I will see if I can figure something out. Lastly, I totally agree, Fin and The Hexx... more
            • Re: finIHOP, Thu May 17 07:27
              There is/was a site with info about all SM/Pave's gear and stuff. You should czech that out.
              • Old To begin-z, Sun Jun 10 12:15
                Is old to begin in DADADBE? Anyone got it tabbed? anywho.
                • Re: OLd to beginSordid Sentinel, Thu Jun 24 06:02
                  I found the proper tuning and a rather accurate version of the tabs: Enjoy!
                  • Re: OLd to beginIHOP, Thu Jun 24 07:38
                    Old to Begin was the only one I found in non-standard tuning on that site. All the others I looked at (Gold Soundz, Desert, Frontwards, etc) were all in the wrong tuning. Use this resource instead,... more
                • Re: Old To beginIHOP, Mon Jun 11 07:06
                  Actually I don't think it is. If I recall it was in one of those offbeat type of tunings SM didn't use a whole lot. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure of myself (unlike Melinda Doolittle).
                  • Other songsJeremy, Mon Jun 11 16:07
                    Does anybody have Passat Dream, Fame Throwa, Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era, Home, or Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent? Thanks. ~Jeremy~
                    • off my headIHOP, Tue Jun 12 07:05
                      Fame Throwa and Home are in DADABE and should be pretty easy to finger out. Both use octaves a lot.
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