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Re: fin
Tue May 15, 2007 23:33 (XFF:

Thanks so much, sounds good. I love that song. What about Harness Your Hopes and Ann Don't Cry? Anyone, Thanks again.

  • finIHOP, Tue May 15 07:28
    I remember seeing one a long while back...going from memory it's Standard tuning, chordwise it's a barre chord 4th fret on the A string, then to E, then BM then A, etc...I think. Malkmus' fills... more
    • Re: fin — Gdoody, Tue May 15 23:33
      • Re: finIHOP, Wed May 16 09:55
        The solo in Fin is my favorite guitar moment of all time independant of artist. I have never attempted the other 2 songs you mentioned so unfortunately I can't help you there but my guess is Harness... more
        • Re: finGdoody, Wed May 16 16:58
          Makes sense why you wouldnt play it/know it then. thanks anyway. And I figured Harness was in standard as well, I will see if I can figure something out. Lastly, I totally agree, Fin and The Hexx... more
          • Re: finIHOP, Thu May 17 07:27
            There is/was a site with info about all SM/Pave's gear and stuff. You should czech that out.
            • Old To begin-z, Sun Jun 10 12:15
              Is old to begin in DADADBE? Anyone got it tabbed? anywho.
              • Re: OLd to beginSordid Sentinel, Thu Jun 24 06:02
                I found the proper tuning and a rather accurate version of the tabs: Enjoy!
                • Re: OLd to beginIHOP, Thu Jun 24 07:38
                  Old to Begin was the only one I found in non-standard tuning on that site. All the others I looked at (Gold Soundz, Desert, Frontwards, etc) were all in the wrong tuning. Use this resource instead,... more
                  • Re: OLd to beginSordid Sentinel, Thu Jun 24 08:13
                    But I use that site intensively as well! Thanks for the tip anyways.
                    • Re: OLd to beginIHOP, Fri Jun 25 07:25
                      Eventually I'll get around to posting one of those funny youtube clips of myself playing some Pave songs acoustically in the proper tunage. One day...
              • Re: Old To beginIHOP, Mon Jun 11 07:06
                Actually I don't think it is. If I recall it was in one of those offbeat type of tunings SM didn't use a whole lot. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure of myself (unlike Melinda Doolittle).
                • Other songsJeremy, Mon Jun 11 16:07
                  Does anybody have Passat Dream, Fame Throwa, Jackals, False Grails: The Lonesome Era, Home, or Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent? Thanks. ~Jeremy~
                  • off my headIHOP, Tue Jun 12 07:05
                    Fame Throwa and Home are in DADABE and should be pretty easy to finger out. Both use octaves a lot.
                    • Other songsJeremy, Sat Jun 16 20:26
                      I appreciate that but I'm not very good at figuring out tabs mostly.. I figured out some Pavement songs a long time ago but that was about it, now I'm not the best at it. But I appreciate your help,... more
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