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Re: pavement collections
Wed May 23, 2007 11:17 (XFF:

oh you're the man :)

if you want to share a whole show, i think you should select a "directory" option or something like that in the program you're using to make the .torrent file. then just select the directory you got the show in, and you should be good to go!

  • Re: pavement collectionssilent kit, Wed May 23 10:18
    I am just having one problem uploading on Zomb.How do I upload a whole show, and not just one song/file at a time?I don't seem to have that option.If I can figure that out, there will be a wave of... more
    • Uploadmichael, Thu May 31 19:16
      Have been looking for the Brewstock 1995 show for a while. Lost my copy. I nominate this show.
    • Re: pavement collections — hansjoakim, Wed May 23 11:17
      • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Wed May 23 13:36
        heya, here's another one that's more work friendly;) i haven't used maketorrent myself (as i'm on a linux box), but let me know if you run... more
      • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Wed May 23 11:21
        edit: if you use maketorrent, switch to 'classic' mode, and pick 'dir'. there's something like a tutorial also here: ... more
        • Re: pavement collectionsmichael, Sun Jun 3 06:59
          Thanks for the Brewstock show brother
          • Re: pavement collectionsms2, Sun Jun 3 11:39
            You're welcome, man. I'll upload other stray stuff in the future - not torrents, though.
            • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Sun Jun 3 15:40
              no torrents? *heart breaks*
              • torrents vs. rapidshare.comms2, Sun Jun 3 16:22
                I download torrents everyday and the wealth of interesting stuff that's made available really astounds me - it's a dream come true. For example, being able to listen to a certain Aztec Camera gig in... more
                • Re: torrents vs. rapidshare.comhansjoakim, Mon Jun 4 03:58
                  hey, thanks for the reply:) i see your point that torrents are sometimes slow. if you're very early or very late to jump on it, and there's only a few seeds, it may take a couple of days to download... more
                • Re: torrents vs. rapidshare.commichael, Sun Jun 3 18:58
                  Ms2 - thans for sharing the brewstock show I'm having trouble extracting part 2 - it says "bad block" for in the mouth . . . . Am I doing something wrong?
                  • Re: torrents vs. rapidshare.comms2, Sun Jun 3 20:24
                    I'm afraid you'll have to download it again - I did it myself just now and the .rar file seems to be okay. Remember never to pause/resume the download. Email me if you keep getting errors and I'll... more
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