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Re: pavement collections
Sun Jun 3, 2007 06:59 (XFF:

Thanks for the Brewstock show brother

  • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Wed May 23 11:21
    edit: if you use maketorrent, switch to 'classic' mode, and pick 'dir'. there's something like a tutorial also here: ... more
    • Re: pavement collections — michael, Sun Jun 3 06:59
      • Re: pavement collectionsms2, Sun Jun 3 11:39
        You're welcome, man. I'll upload other stray stuff in the future - not torrents, though.
        • Re: pavement collectionshansjoakim, Sun Jun 3 15:40
          no torrents? *heart breaks*
          • torrents vs. rapidshare.comms2, Sun Jun 3 16:22
            I download torrents everyday and the wealth of interesting stuff that's made available really astounds me - it's a dream come true. For example, being able to listen to a certain Aztec Camera gig in... more
            • Re: torrents vs. rapidshare.comhansjoakim, Mon Jun 4 03:58
              hey, thanks for the reply:) i see your point that torrents are sometimes slow. if you're very early or very late to jump on it, and there's only a few seeds, it may take a couple of days to download... more
            • Re: torrents vs. rapidshare.commichael, Sun Jun 3 18:58
              Ms2 - thans for sharing the brewstock show I'm having trouble extracting part 2 - it says "bad block" for in the mouth . . . . Am I doing something wrong?
              • Re: torrents vs. rapidshare.comms2, Sun Jun 3 20:24
                I'm afraid you'll have to download it again - I did it myself just now and the .rar file seems to be okay. Remember never to pause/resume the download. Email me if you keep getting errors and I'll... more
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