Sub. Coach Cooper Blair
Rules Check for All Quidditch Participants
Mon Jun 23, 2014 02:57

As all team rosters plus the first match of term have now been posted, it's time again to remind ourselves of the rules governing RMI's Quidditch matches. These are rules which all Quidditch players, reserve players, and mascots need to be aware of. To show that you read and understood this, sign the name of your player(s) in a reply to this post. Any questions can be posted here as well or emailed to If you post at a Quidditch match without posting here first, you will have your post deleted and House points deducted. (Note that violations in the following rules can lead to subtraction of anywhere between 5 and 25 points.)

(1) Post Length
Each post should be a minimum of 250 words regardless of character year. Additionally, the majority of that post must be in the author’s own words – that is to say, an author is not permitted to ‘quote’ more than a sentence or two of somebody else’s post to bulk out their own. All quoted sections must be in italics.

(2) Position Godmodding
Only the character playing a certain position is permitted to say what is occurring in any given portion of the game. Thus, the only characters who may post about seeing a Snitch are Seekers, the only character who may state the success of a Quaffle pass is the Chaser catching it, and the only character who may determine if a goal is made is the Keeper. Similarly, Beaters may only direct a Bludger in the direction of another character; they may not say whether the character was hit or not. However, non-position-playing characters may reference facts established in a position-playing-character’s post (such as the location of a Snitch or Bludger, or the success of a pass or goal) in their posts.

(3) Rosters
The Captain has final say over the order of any Roster. Playercharacters and their authors should avoid questioning these decisions. If team-creation guidelines have been violated, the playercharacter’s author should speak directly to an Admin member via

(4) Alternates Playing
If the match has been posted for 72 hours and the players listed as starters for a position have not all posted, the alternate player has the right to assume they have been called into the game (unless explicitly stated otherwise). The alternate may then post as a regular player in the game, assuming that all of the author’s non-alternate characters have already been posted at least once in their respective positions in the current game. If an alternate character steps in for the starting character in each game the team plays in a given term, they will have earned a higher seniority than the player they subbed in for.

(5) Snitch Catching
The Seeker may only catch the Snitch if he has been given the go-ahead by the Coach.

6) No author will reply to themselves for a period of 24 hours (1 day), or they will lose points for the given team.

Thank you!

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