Aman Shah
Fri Jun 27, 2014 13:10

This sounds like fun! And I agree with most everyone, Sundays are good days for doing nothing but posting.

  • Get ready, get set, and get posting!Headmistress Elizabeth Guinevere Warren, Mon Jun 23 09:07
    Sometime in the next couple of weeks, we will be hosting a 24-Hour POSTING MARATHON . The details will be announced at a later date, but the idea is that we will have a 24 hour period in which... more
    • YAY! — Aman Shah, Fri Jun 27 13:10
    • Probably a weekend?Krystal Baitman, Fri Jun 27 05:39
      And I guess the advantage of it being 24 hours is that that's not too affected by timezones, so yeah... headache avoided there.
    • Well....Brogrens etc, Mon Jun 23 17:07
      I tend to be pretty open as far as times go, whether or not I'll follow through is up for debate and I might have plans fairly soon. Those might fall through though.
    • As a relevant addendumHeadmistress EG Warren, Mon Jun 23 13:48
      if you don't respond to this post, you CAN still participate, you just don't get to complain if it's scheduled at an inconvenient time for you ;)
    • UmmmDH de Villiers, Mon Jun 23 11:06
      Weekends! So a Friday-Saturday type of the thing!
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