Directors Garen & Addi
Charlie Brown performance is posted!
Fri Jul 4, 2014 17:01

Come out to the show! If you're not involved in it, don't worry - your character can be posted in the audience! This event is open to all RMI students, staff, family members, and alumni, so make it a great turnout :)

  • Advanced magical sciences - new and exciting thingsSubstitute Professor Laughton, Fri Jun 27 05:36
    Your advanced class is up and... it's a debate! I don't know whether it will work but the only way to find out is if you all go and post in it like crazy. Feel free to leave your opinions on it here... more
    • Charlie Brown performance is posted! — Directors Garen & Addi, Fri Jul 4 17:01
    • ResponsePatience Anders, Sat Jun 28 23:38
      Well, I dropped your class after STOATS(all my authors' characters did aside from Alison, cuz she had a thing for Ward Ross)but you seriously don't want my opinion on the subject in general. To be... more
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