Banner photo contest!
Sat Jul 19, 2014 22:52

If you're familiar with Game of Thrones, you know that all the great families have banners - colors and symbols representative of their house. Our challenge for you is to design a banner for your character's family. They don't have to be notable purebloods or anything to have banners - just be creative!

1) Post the image or a link to the image in reply to this post.
2) You can make your banner however you want - draw it by hand, find a website, use Paint (I used Microsoft Word for my examples).
3) Text on the banner is optional, but you can include the words/motto of the family (i.e. "Winter is coming") and/or the family name.
4) Alumni, staff, current students, and periphs are all eligible to have banners made to represent their houses.
5) You have until 31 July to post your banners here - then we'll vote! Winner gets house points and a trophy or something.

Here are some examples, one with house words and one with multiple family members.

House Harper

House Blackburn

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