Headmistress E.G. Warren
Midterm is coming
Sat Aug 2, 2014 14:04

It’s that time of year... Midterm will begin tomorrow (3 August) and end next Sunday (10 August).

What is Midterm?
Midterm is pretty much the equivalent of winter break. Our characters have the opportunity to either go home and spend the holidays with their family or stay here at RMI for a few weeks.

Should We Stay or Go?
It depends on your character! During Midterm we usually have a Family Feast, where all the members of your characters’ family are welcome to attend a Feast at RMI celebrating the winter holidays. Sometimes there is also another activity as well. However, things like Plot, classes, Quidditch, etc, stop during Midterm, so your character doesn’t have to worry about missing anything like that if s/he wants to go home.

What If We Go?
If your character(s) decide to go home for Midterm, how are you going to keep us updated on their activities? By signing up for an ORMI journal for your character(s)! Some people choose to just use one journal for all their characters, whereas others make a journal per family of characters, or even a journal per character. However you want to do it, this is how:
1.) go to LiveJournal and register for an account. Do not put any of your personal information on it! Remember, this is for your character.
2.) once your account has been registered, go to Outside of RMI. On the upper toolbar you should see a button that says ‘Join This Community’. Click that.
3.) after a day or so, possibly less, you should receive an e-mail saying that you have been accepted into the ORMI community.


1.) watch this tutorial!

Once you’ve created your account and been accepted to the Community, if you want to share what’s happening at home, or with your students’ relatives, or anything like that, just write a post like you would normally, then go to ORMI and click the ‘Post to this Community’ button!

Other Reminders
First Years can now submit profiles! For the rest of you, this may be a good time to update them. Remember, if you’re looking for pictures for your profiles, the authors on our RMI Author Cafe can recommend some helpful websites. The sooner you get this information in, the sooner we can put it up.

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