Riley Finn
I'm ready whenever! (nm)
Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:16

  • Echos Marina (Also attn Riley)Tillie McKenzie, Sun Aug 10 10:29
    And I was just coming on the OOC board to look for you too! We need to do that ancient Tucker and Ren thing and if you can get in touch with Isaac....I want to do the thing with him and Tillie too.... more
    • I'm ready whenever! (nm) — Riley Finn, Fri Aug 15 11:16
      • Re: I'm ready whenever! Tillie, Fri Aug 15 11:39
        It's on my (mental) list!
        • Re: I'm ready whenever! Cayden, Tue Aug 19 09:59
          I'll work on the Tucker/Ren thread as soon as I'm all squared away at college! I talked to Isaac and he's ready whenever you are, just let me know and I'll inform him!
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