Hestaea Lawrence
We're in!
Fri Sep 26, 2014 00:15

Name(s) of participant(s): Hestaea Lawrence and Tanner Evans
Act/submission/role in the show: Clarinet and violin duet (possibly with vocals)

Name(s) of participant(s): Hestaea and Mikey Lawrence
Act/submission/role in the show: "Devil Went Down to Georgia" violin and vocals

  • Attention! Talent show update!Directors Garen Tennant and Addi Leppit, Wed Sep 17 16:19
    Thanks to a pair of ambitious directors, this term is having a talent show! As a reminder, students can sign up here ! However, alumni are also welcome to perform! If you are a previously graduated... more
    • We're in! — Hestaea Lawrence , Fri Sep 26 00:15
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