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A challenger approaches: it's NaNoWriMo time! [ALL READ]
Sun Nov 2, 2014 17:12

Friends, Romans, countrymen: lend me your ears! It is once again November, and as a community of writers, I think we all know what that means: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is upon us! November is a time of planning, writing, occasionally crying, and overall getting words to paper--or words to word doc, whatever the case may be.

But why start an entirely new novel when you have perfectly accessible characters and opportunities here at RMI? That is why we challenge you to post at RMI more in the month of November. This month can see a flourish at RMI, but we need your help and dedication to get things going again. Plus, if you succeed at your NaNoWriMo goal, you will receive eternal glory, and your peers will shower you with admiration!

What exactly are the rules? A few things have changed since we last hosted NaNoWriMo, so be sure you pay attention!

1: To be eligible, Authors must save their posts in a word processing document that will count their words, and this document must be e-mailed to us (theheads at rmimagic dotcom) at the end of the challenge to confirm your word count.

2: For each student character you have at RMI, you must write 5,000 words this month to meet our challenge. If you have more than 4 characters, you still only have to write 20,000 words; we'll take pity on you.

3: Staff posts count!

4: All posts are eligible for consideration, but please don't spam one board with a gajillion posts just to meet word count. Threads are your friends!

5: By the same token, ORMIs will count towards your word count...but don't be lame and have all of your words come from ORMIs.

6: BUT - caveat - posts done for non-active characters (for example, a younger sibling or parent) will only count for HALF words. (Excludes former RMI characters!)

Note: Since this post is going up on November 2nd, thus putting you a hair behind, we will rectify this by giving you a tiny extension: posts between now and December 2nd apply!

Additionally, for those who would rather read than write, we have a brand-new Reading Challenge! To compete in this, you must:

1: Read and review fanfiction stories totaling 30k in word count

2: Email theheads with links to the stories you reviewed with each story’s word count next to it and a total at the bottom.

3: In your reviews, follow the RMI advertizing protocol: one paragraph of things you liked, one paragraph of constructive criticism (best if you explain why something is wrong and give suggestions how to fix it), and then the RMI-recommendation.

4: For a more in-depth explanation and example of this procedure, click here.

You have thirty days to complete one of these challenges (or both, if you’re particular ambitious!), but we know you can do it! Hopefully, we’ll see you all soon!

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