safire hathaway
role play?
Fri Mar 6, 2015 15:21

does anyone even role play here anymore? :[

    • SourcesLogan Brophy, Wed Apr 1 00:47
      I'm not sure if any of you have AO3 accounts, but I think we should look into advertising there. It looks like it's drawing a lot more quality people than FFN.
      • RE: SourcesZach Drogan, Thu Apr 16 15:34
        From what I've read, most of the really good writings I've come across have come from AO3. FFN has good people too but most of the works I've found from there have a lot of spelling and grammatical... more
    • I'm interestedDevon Marcus, Sun Mar 22 23:54
      I haven't roleplayed at RMI for a while, but I would be interested in writing here again.
    • Re: role play?Aoife , Tue Mar 17 16:48
      It seems that a lot of authors have become very busy and there doesnt seem to be much roleplaying happening.Perhaps some recruitment of new authors would get things going again.?
      • ^ThatCayd, Wed Mar 18 22:02
        Yay recruitment lets do ittttt!!!
    • Re: role play?Cayden Bloom, Fri Mar 6 17:12
      I kind of hover, but no one's ever really around. I think we all just got kind of busy and people stopped joining. I'm always tempted to post, but like I said, no one's ever around. I'm sure there... more
      • Re: role play?Safire, Fri Mar 13 12:04
        heh. i'll role play with you. c:Tameka need some spotlight time; I think I wrote her... once. .-.
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