Charline Adler
Doing a spot of Muggle watching
Fri Aug 23, 2013 20:01

Charline was not interested in traveling around the world to meet knew people with strange customs and cultures. From experience she knew that people were the same no matter what side of the ocean they lived on. And she already felt like she knew too many people as it was. Each one of them was as irritating and self absorbed as the next. It was exhausting enough just dealing with the children at school.

However she saw Pearl Street, infested with itís Muggles, in a different light. It was the sort of experience a girl could learn from. Finding the courage to step into Pearl Street would be enlightening. She would be stepping into the world of her fellow students, like Reece and Logan with their Muggle roots. Maybe if she did Charline would finally begin to understand some of the crazy things they spoke of with such familiarity.

She had been working herself up to do it since school began in September. Each Friday she would think, this is the weekend Iím going to do it. She even wrote home and requested a Muggle outfit for the occasion. The horrid pink checked skirt and over-sized woolen cardigan had been lying at the bottom of her trunk since late October. In the end something always came up and she would be far too busy for a trip into the Muggle world. It had taken up until Christmas for her to come to terms with what was really stopping her. Since she was a little girl Charline had conjured up an image of those creatures and it was hard to banish them, even now.

Although with the new year came her resolution. Uncomfortable clothing on and hair expertly pinned back from her face, she stepped out of the elevator with unsteady limbs. The store was uninteresting, nothing more than the barrier standing between her and her fears. Recently she had come to the realization that she was not a brave individual. Little things like this which should not have fazed her would make her freeze temporarily unable to process rational thoughts. The gray sleeves fell below her hands. She took the time to push them up to her elbows and slowly shuffled passed bookshelves out into the open air.

When she put her first foot passed the doorway the Lyra expected a great number of dramatic things to occur. A surge if Muggle armed with pitchforks dripping with her own blood would descend upon her or perhaps her Grandmother would materialize to criticize the shortness of her skirt. Except none of this happened. She was both relieved and disappointed. Surely overcoming such a huge weakness ought to lead to celebrations. Some fireworks or a nice round if applause would be sufficient. She lingered outside that door way for sometime content to watch busy shoppers parade back and forth in front of her. They really weren't so intimidating after all and if she squinted ignoring the funny clothing and other oddities they looked no different from herself. If anything that scared her even more . How could something so hugely opposite from her also be practically identical?

She was still glued to that spot Muggle watching with great concentration when another RMI student came out from the bookshop successfully startling Charline out of her trance.
ďOh, sorry,Ē she mumbled suddenly aware that she was blocking the exit but for some reason made no attempt to move to the side and allow them to pass through.

    • Attempting to avoid....Pamela Wrey, Sun Aug 25 08:03
      It had taken Pamela a while to find the courage to step across the age line leading to Pearl Street Mall. It was hard enough to keep her secret inside the school, but she really needed to breath... more
      • I hope you aren't hiding from meCharline, Tue Aug 27 14:41
        It took Charline a good minute of gaping unabashed at her clothing to recognise the girl hidden beneath all that material. The new transfer student was not someone she was acquainted with however it... more
        • Have I walked into a game of hide and seek?Killian Walker, Thu Aug 29 16:47
          Killian stretched in his bed, letting the morning settle over him. It took some getting used to, this living on his own in America thing. Normally, he would have been dragged out of bed by one of the ... more
          • I wish it was...Pam, Fri Aug 30 04:43
            Pam's eyes followed Charline, trying to work out whether Charline just spoke her mind or was mean. Pam's spine was ridged for a change from her looking down at feet all the time. She looked as though ... more
            • Why hide from me? I'm delightful! Charline, Fri Aug 30 17:36
              Pamela wasnít giving Charline the reaction she was looking for. On the one hand she appeared intimidated by Charline but the other girl began to look increasingly uncomfortable the longer the Lyra... more
              • I think I'm with Pamela on this one...Killian, Sun Sep 1 15:37
                ďCharline Adler, itís a pleasure to meet you.Ē Killian held back a slight grimace as he shook the girlís hand. His eyes travelled quickly over her person, taking in the blonde hair and blue eyes. She ... more
                • Oh! Right, er, thanks...Pam, Mon Sep 2 13:14
                  In fairy tales she read to Linden, the prince would always kiss the girl's hand. When Linden asked why he did it, Pam would explain it was another way of greeting, just like shaking hands. Then when... more
                  • I'm not use to being the third wheel Charline, Sun Sep 22 10:16
                    Moving forward Charline followed Killianís pointed finger to catch sight of a small establishment. The quaint Cafe was not the sort of place the Adler would usually dine at. Although homely in itís... more
                    • I'm only slightly apologetic about itKillian, Sun Oct 13 14:57
                      Killian could easily tell when he needed to back off a little. He didnít prey on women, it wasnít his style. He would flirt harmlessly with the sweeter girls, making sure that he didnít lead them on... more
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