Killian Walker
Have I walked into a game of hide and seek?
Thu Aug 29, 2013 16:47

Killian stretched in his bed, letting the morning settle over him. It took some getting used to, this living on his own in America thing. Normally, he would have been dragged out of bed by one of the family elves and forced to put on some type of ridiculous clothes to go to one of his mother’s parties. It was a nice change being able to lounge on a day without school, and Killian wasn’t complaining in the slightest. He wriggled slightly before pulling himself into a sitting position. After a quick shower, Killian dragged a white t-shirt on followed by a grey button up shirt. He has decided not to bother with contacts, instead settling for his black square rimmed glasses. He slipped on one of his nicer black jackets and left his dorm.

RMI was a totally new place for him. It was nothing like the school he had gone to in Australia and he liked it that way. He had grown tired of walking around the halls of his old school and accepted the change with great joy. He liked to think he had been everywhere but two places. He found that the only interesting thing the Rec Center had was the pool table. He enjoyed dabbling on the piano in the Theater and even went so far as to get a few books from the Reference Center. He hadn’t really made note of anything in the other places, but figured he would probably end up spending time there. The only places Killian hadn’t gone to were the Quidditch Pitch and Pearl Street. One of which he was going to explore shortly.

It was his own stubbornness that kept him away from the Pitch. The fifteen year old had been an avid Quidditch player back in Australia and wouldn’t set foot into anywhere it was played without being on a team. He already had plans to join the Aquila team during the next term, and in the meantime he kept up with all the goings on. He heard that in the previous year, Draco had come out as the champs. Aquila hadn’t come close to even being in the final. Killian was bound and determined to make that change.

Since he refused to set foot on the Pitch, Killian found himself walking towards the Pearl Street entrance. Serenity had told him there were some fun things to do there. She had also told him about the friend she had made the first time she had gone there. Tucker was his name as Killian recalled. Just the mere thought of it made his jaw clench. Serenity was his, not some skirt-chasing idiots. Killian just wished she would see that too. Since she didn’t, Killian kept up his ways of flirting with most things that moved. The Aquila shook his head, and stepped into the store that connected RMI and Pearl Street.

There was a girl blocking the door to the outside world, and Killian took a few moments to peruse the merchandise within the shop, hoping she would move. When he doubled back a few moments later, the girl had moved, but was talking to yet another door blocking female. Killian sighed and walked towards them, managing to catch a phrase or two from their conversation.

“My dear Pamela and I thought my parents had poor taste in clothes!” followed by “perhaps I ought to have brought a scarf after all. You must be nice and cozy wrapped up in all that.” a few seconds later.

Killian rolled his eyes. Females always went unprepared in some way, not to mention they mostly obsessed over clothing. He moved closer to the doorway, fully intending on getting through.

“I haven’t got very long, but if you are hungry I’d be happy to buy you some lunch.”

That brought Killian up short. Under normal circumstances a comment like that would have been nice, but judging on the other girl’s earlier comment, it wasn’t. He assumed at this point that they were from RMI, as they had both come from that direction. One of them even seemed slightly familiar. In any case, The Aquila slipped off his jacket and stepped forward, clearing his throat.

“Hello there,” he said, smiling at both of them. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhear a piece of your conversation.” Killian extended his jacket to the girl who had claimed she was cold. “Go on, take it, I don’t bite. Besides, a pretty girl should never be cold.”

She was pretty, even though she looked to be younger than him. Both of them were, even if the clothes they were wearing did look rather… interesting. Even so, Killian didn’t really care. He didn’t wait to see if she would take it, simply left it extended for her and began to speak once more.

“I also heard you girls talking about lunch,” he said, smiling “Would it be rude if I asked to join you? I just moved here and I find that I’m severely lacking in the friends department.”

  • I hope you aren't hiding from meCharline, Tue Aug 27 14:41
    It took Charline a good minute of gaping unabashed at her clothing to recognise the girl hidden beneath all that material. The new transfer student was not someone she was acquainted with however it... more
    • Have I walked into a game of hide and seek? — Killian Walker, Thu Aug 29 16:47
      • I wish it was...Pam, Fri Aug 30 04:43
        Pam's eyes followed Charline, trying to work out whether Charline just spoke her mind or was mean. Pam's spine was ridged for a change from her looking down at feet all the time. She looked as though ... more
        • Why hide from me? I'm delightful! Charline, Fri Aug 30 17:36
          Pamela wasn’t giving Charline the reaction she was looking for. On the one hand she appeared intimidated by Charline but the other girl began to look increasingly uncomfortable the longer the Lyra... more
          • I think I'm with Pamela on this one...Killian, Sun Sep 1 15:37
            “Charline Adler, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Killian held back a slight grimace as he shook the girl’s hand. His eyes travelled quickly over her person, taking in the blonde hair and blue eyes. She ... more
            • Oh! Right, er, thanks...Pam, Mon Sep 2 13:14
              In fairy tales she read to Linden, the prince would always kiss the girl's hand. When Linden asked why he did it, Pam would explain it was another way of greeting, just like shaking hands. Then when... more
              • I'm not use to being the third wheel Charline, Sun Sep 22 10:16
                Moving forward Charline followed Killian’s pointed finger to catch sight of a small establishment. The quaint Cafe was not the sort of place the Adler would usually dine at. Although homely in it’s... more
                • I'm only slightly apologetic about itKillian, Sun Oct 13 14:57
                  Killian could easily tell when he needed to back off a little. He didn’t prey on women, it wasn’t his style. He would flirt harmlessly with the sweeter girls, making sure that he didn’t lead them on... more
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