I wish it was...
Fri Aug 30, 2013 04:43

Pam's eyes followed Charline, trying to work out whether Charline just spoke her mind or was mean. Pam's spine was ridged for a change from her looking down at feet all the time. She looked as though she'd been tasered or pulled up like a marionette doll who had suddenly come to life. Looking at Charline carefully, Pam realised she wasn't as tall as she once thought, she just held herself so. Charline gave the air of being nurtured since a young age, it didn't surprise Pam much when she came out with her rather spoilt, stinging comments. She wasn't really angry with Charline, after all the girl was probably used to being able to get away with statements like that.

If Pam was a more confident person, she would have snapped at Charline and tell her she chose to wear these clothes. Though Pam was actually trying to hide her various scars and bruises from transformations, the room in the Infirmary did not stop her banging into the walls, which the Medic said would get fixed soon. Pam smiled slightly at the fact Charline seemed to think she was a muggleborn, she was a Pureblood and recently a very rich one. Pamela didn't feel any different, but she did feel betrayed. Mothers were supposed to be the rock on a stormy night out at sea that you would clutch as the sea sprayed you and tried to drag you back down into it's depths, the ones who would always there to give you hugs and tell you it was alright, the ones would be the first to fight and defend for you and take no prisoners but her mum had changed. Pam started addressing to her as mother, if everything was going to change, she must have known their relationship would as well. She was no longer her mum, she was her mother, the one that sunk the ship in the first place, the one who would say she's busy, the one that would be the one fighting for the other team. It was a sad thought to know she had stopped loving her mother but their strong, powerful bond had somehow been broken and destroyed.

Pam guessed that the clothes the girl was wearing weren't her own. Most wizards and witches never really got the muggle style right, though Pamela really couldn't say anything, she was the one in clothes for large men. Pam looked back up to Charline, after realising she had reverted to her feet again. Pamela's eyes were the only she liked about her appearance. While she had dark skin riddled with scars, black hair and clothes, her eyes were a bright crystal blue and the only things not to be affected by her condition.

As Charline's eyes ate away at her, Pam tried not to make eye contact, the girl was not the type to be enemies with. The werewolf's head snapped to face Charline's as she offered to buy her lunch. There seemed to be a tone of almost reluctancy but Pam found herself frowning.

"Um...." She shuffled around before saying as quietly as her last reply " have enough money to buy food..."

It sounded rather odd coming out, her voice soft though breaking pitch from the lingering memory as her mother. Pam brushed a strand of her hair that had escaped it's confinements behind her ear, hoping she didn't sound like she was being rude. It was then, thank Merlin, a boy interrupted them. Pam glanced up and quickly back down, not wanting him to see she had turned a rather dark shade of red. It was a very handsome boy who interrupted them. He offered Charline his jacket and Pam watched her feet move as he flirted with her.

He then asked to join them for lunch and Pam nodded a little faster than she should have, glad she wouldn't be stuck with Charline. Pam then realised it should really be Charline to decided whether he could come or not, being the one who asked her in the first place. Pam smiled slightly when he said he didn't have many friends.

Don't worry, She wanted to say, I have none.

  • Have I walked into a game of hide and seek?Killian Walker, Thu Aug 29 16:47
    Killian stretched in his bed, letting the morning settle over him. It took some getting used to, this living on his own in America thing. Normally, he would have been dragged out of bed by one of the ... more
    • I wish it was... — Pam, Fri Aug 30 04:43
      • Why hide from me? I'm delightful! Charline, Fri Aug 30 17:36
        Pamela wasnít giving Charline the reaction she was looking for. On the one hand she appeared intimidated by Charline but the other girl began to look increasingly uncomfortable the longer the Lyra... more
        • I think I'm with Pamela on this one...Killian, Sun Sep 1 15:37
          ďCharline Adler, itís a pleasure to meet you.Ē Killian held back a slight grimace as he shook the girlís hand. His eyes travelled quickly over her person, taking in the blonde hair and blue eyes. She ... more
          • Oh! Right, er, thanks...Pam, Mon Sep 2 13:14
            In fairy tales she read to Linden, the prince would always kiss the girl's hand. When Linden asked why he did it, Pam would explain it was another way of greeting, just like shaking hands. Then when... more
            • I'm not use to being the third wheel Charline, Sun Sep 22 10:16
              Moving forward Charline followed Killianís pointed finger to catch sight of a small establishment. The quaint Cafe was not the sort of place the Adler would usually dine at. Although homely in itís... more
              • I'm only slightly apologetic about itKillian, Sun Oct 13 14:57
                Killian could easily tell when he needed to back off a little. He didnít prey on women, it wasnít his style. He would flirt harmlessly with the sweeter girls, making sure that he didnít lead them on... more
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