I think I'm with Pamela on this one...
Sun Sep 1, 2013 15:37

“Charline Adler, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Killian held back a slight grimace as he shook the girl’s hand. His eyes travelled quickly over her person, taking in the blonde hair and blue eyes. She was pretty, but slightly mediocre at that. Even so, the way she carried herself made Killian want to cringe and ignore her. The fifteen-year old was all for flirting, but Miss Adler just seemed to be one who is “holier than thou”. The Australian boy turned his head to look at Charline’s companion just as Adler spoke again.

“Killian, Killian Walker,” he said to both of them “The pleasure’s all mine.”

“That’s fabulous, isn’t it Pamela? Pamela is new too, she just transferred this term. You two will have so much to talk about. You know he’ll just have to join us now! Unfortunately I don’t know this Muggle street very well. Do either of you know of a good place to eat in?”

Killian scratched the back of his head awkwardly. Had he not said that he had only just moved here? Maybe he hadn’t made it clear, or maybe this girl was just too busy listening to herself talk to care. He lifted his shoulders in a shrugging motion. Considering it was the first time he had ever set foot on in the place, Charline knew the street better than he did. He glanced around, catching sight of a small place that looked rather nice.

“How about over there?” he said, hoping it wasn’t a stupid mistake.

He let Charline ponder over his suggestion while he turned to the other girl. He smiled at her and extended his hand in an offering. She was pretty in her own way as well. Despite the baggy clothes, the dark skin complimented both her hair and eyes. And oh what a set of eyes they were. Due to the dark coloring of the rest of her features, blue eyes stared down at the ground, where they had come to rest since he had first approached the duo. Although he had made no comment, the slight smile he had seen when he had said that he didn’t have friends had made him grin. But her eyes were what stuck with him.

For some odd reason, Killian found himself wanting nothing more than to see those eyes shine with happiness, much like Serenity’s did when he said something funny. He leaned down slightly, trying to get the girl to look at him. After a few seconds, he extended his hand a little and grabbed her hand, brushing a kiss over her knuckles.

“Pamela, was it?” he said, his voice softer than normal. He chanced a glance at Charline and determined that she wasn’t paying any attention to them and lowered his voice even more. “She can eat a person alive can’t she? I’ll just have to stick with you. You keep her from eating me and I’ll keep her from eating you, deal?”

Without waiting for an answer, Killian dropped Pamela’s hand and straightened up. He turned his attention towards the both of them and motioned towards the street.

“Shall we?”

  • Why hide from me? I'm delightful! Charline, Fri Aug 30 17:36
    Pamela wasn’t giving Charline the reaction she was looking for. On the one hand she appeared intimidated by Charline but the other girl began to look increasingly uncomfortable the longer the Lyra... more
    • I think I'm with Pamela on this one... — Killian, Sun Sep 1 15:37
      • Oh! Right, er, thanks...Pam, Mon Sep 2 13:14
        In fairy tales she read to Linden, the prince would always kiss the girl's hand. When Linden asked why he did it, Pam would explain it was another way of greeting, just like shaking hands. Then when... more
        • I'm not use to being the third wheel Charline, Sun Sep 22 10:16
          Moving forward Charline followed Killian’s pointed finger to catch sight of a small establishment. The quaint Cafe was not the sort of place the Adler would usually dine at. Although homely in it’s... more
          • I'm only slightly apologetic about itKillian, Sun Oct 13 14:57
            Killian could easily tell when he needed to back off a little. He didn’t prey on women, it wasn’t his style. He would flirt harmlessly with the sweeter girls, making sure that he didn’t lead them on... more
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